Hotel Milton has 38 rooms with the accommodation capacity of 60 beds. The rooms are all equipped with a private shower and toilet, telephone, TV/Radio and a hairdryer. All the rooms are non-smoking areas but there are also separate smoking lounge available. All the rooms are allergy-free so pets are not allowed in the hotel facilities.

Whether you come to Hotel Milton alone, with your friend or with your family, all parties are welcome. Most of the rooms are single and double rooms but for families and larger groups there are also triple rooms available.

The prices include Buffet breakfast

Breakfast is served
Monday-Friday 6.00-09.00
Saturday           6.00-10.00
Sunday              7.00-10.00

Room rates

 Mon-FriWeekend (Fri-Mon)
Single à 85 € à 70 €
Double à 120 € à 90 €
Triple à 135 € à 120 €

Rates are not valid during special events.

Weekend rates are valid during summertime 26.6-21.7. (except special events)